The Reasons why you should book a Bridal Make-Up Artist


Hello To All The Brides-To-Be at the Bridal Beauty stage of their planning

Hope the preparations for Your Big Day are going well? The countdown to Your Big Day I am sure has well and truly begun and your to-do lists are probably, well…. endless…..!

I thought I would write this blogpost explaining the reasons why you Should hire a Professional Bridal Make-Up Artist, as I often get Brides asking me wether it is a necessary expense.

These are the Brides that are at the point that their budgets are pretty much blown out of the window and they need to cut back on what they consider to be Extras!!!

The reality is that the majority of Brides would not even contemplate doing their own hair for their Wedding Day but it is still surprising the number of Brides who think that throwing a bit of lippy on will do???

However after stating the reasons below when someone queries why Bridal Make Up costs what it does?  The then number of Brides that have a rethink and go ahead and book Me, restore my faith in good old common sense.

After all this is the One Day, where All eyes will be on You and Your face All Day Long, it makes sense to want to look your absolute Best right??

Here are a few of the reasons why you Should consider a Professional Bridal Make-Up Artist for your Wedding Day, If any of these apply to you, then it’s probably worth having a Professional Make-Up Artist with you on your most Special of Days

* You are unsure what colours to use and how best to apply make-up for your photographs and any filming that may be done on the Day.

* You want your Make-Up to look Flawless and to last all Day.

* You would be too nervous on the morning of the Wedding to apply it Yourself!

* You want to be pampered on your Wedding Day and quite rightly so! This is your Day and you want to look and feel Amazing!

* You have spent a lot of your budget on your venue, photographer, florist, dress, shoes, jewellery why would you not have a budget for Hair and Make Up? The way You Look is the one thing that you can pretty much guarantee will be in almost every photo to remind you of your Day. Why would you not then want to get your preferred Artists in as your Dream Beautifying Team?

* You have little if any Make-Up and/or If you do have a full make up bag, is it still relatively new products or well past it’s best! Having a Professional Make-Up Artist will save you having to purchase All the products and make-up brushes needed for Your Wedding Day Make Up, that You may not necessarily need or use after the Wedding Date.


So if you are convinced that you need a make up artist for your Wedding here are some tips for You!

It is not uncommon for popular Wedding Suppliers to be booked way in advance of your Wedding Date, this includes your Make Up Artist. If you like the look of a Make Up Artist Work check that they are available for your Wedding Date and get them to give you a Quote for your Wedding Booking (there are some super organised Brides out there, who know exactly who they want doing their Hair & Make-Up and will do everything to guarantee they get their Dream Team) So do your research including reading bridal reviews not just on websites but on social media. If a Make Up Artist only showing finished edited images and no real time photos of Brides it can be difficult to know if the work is actually theirs, believe me I have found my work on other peoples websites before!

A great way of getting reputable suppliers are those that have been featured on a number of wedding blogs as the Brides will normally write their experiences Of their suppliers on the blogpost and you will usually see behind the scenes pics of the make up artist working on the Bride.

for examples of my work and info on services and prices check out my Website

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Photography by Susannah at Compose Photography

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