Minimising My Pro Make Up Kit – Lipstick Depotting

I’ve been meaning to blog about lipstick depotting for months but thought that I would wait until I had used my lovely organised lipstick pallettes for a while before I did a blogpost. I guess I wanted to use them in my make up kit for a bit and then give you my thoughts on them not only as something pleasing to the eye but as a workable bit of gear.

My Make Up Kit has grown and grown and grown over the years and as much as I finish a lot of products and get rid of cosmetics gone past viable use by way of a kit clearout every 6 months, it just keeps getting bigger. I like a lot of my fellow MUA’s had a lipstick collection that was kind of taking over – I do not apologise for this as they are all loved and used A LOT!

However it got to a point where I decided enough was enough and I needed a better storage solution for my Lippy’s, so a few months back I purchased some empty pallettes from Guru Makeup Emporium with an aim to claim back some space in my overflowing lipstick drawer. I purchased a label maker too, so that I could put the names of the lipsticks on the back of the pallettes making it easier to know what colours to replace once depleted but also so I could inform my clients of a shade that they might want to purchase themselves.

Ok so there are a couple of ways you can fill your pallettes one is to just scoop your lipstick out and squish it into its new home and smooth out with a spatula but as I am a little bit OCD when it comes to my kit and wanted it to look good I melted mine on a tablespoon over a candle and poured it carefully into the pallette the lipstick hardens up again in seconds and is perfectly smooth.

I have to admit it was a labour of love as it took me hours, a lot longer than I had anticipated. I filled three pallettes and labelled those babies up. There are tutorials online where the artists stick the pallettes in the microwave to melt the lipsticks down but I was scared to try as have heard of pallettes melting or cracking and didn’t want to risk losing my lipsticks that way.

I split the pallettes into Reds/Plums, Nudes/Browns, Pinks/Brights

Here are the pallettes in my kit….and yes as you can see I now have more lipstick colours to depot!

So what’s my verdict? Well I love my pallettes! Why? Because not only do I not have to open my lip colours individually the one I want to use. The colours are now visible at a glance, so its easy to grab what I need…but also I find I am mixing my colours a little more then I used to which makes me happy as it inspires me as an artist to create more colours.

I now have some ACE pallettes by Vueset that I got from Cocktail cosmetics and the genius in their design is they are microwaveable woohoo…… I will be doing my next batch of lip colours in those.

Here I have depotted Concealers and correctors into a Vueset pallette and have been surprised by how much product the pallettes hold and just how much they have minimised what I have to carry

I forgot to take an after picture of the pallette when it was fresh out the microwave and as you can see it has been used loads but the bottom row is still looking as smooth as they looked out of the microwave so you can see the final effect. I have to say for a little pallette it feels very robust and I know it will fair well in my kit.

I hope this helps anyone trying to reduce their kit or even their own personal collection of make up. There is no reason why these pallettes can’t be used by anyone wanting to downsize their own make up, as in one tiny pallette you can fit cream shadows, cream blushers and lipsticks imagine how handy that would be for at home use and to take away on holiday?

Here’s to de cluttering…I will be back again soon with more tips on organising

Ana xx

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