The Reasons why you should book a Bridal Make-Up Artist

Hi There to All You Lovely Brides -To- Be,

Hope the preparations for Your Big Day are going well…countdown I am sure has begun and your to-do lists are probably, well…. endless…..

I thought I would do a blogpost explaining the reasons why you Should hire a Professional Bridal Make-Up Artist, as I often get Brides asking me wether it is a necessary expense!!!  These are the Brides that are at the point that their budgets are out of the window and they need to cut back on what they consider to be Extras!!! The majority of Brides would not contemplate doing their own hair for their Wedding but it is still surprising the number who think that throwing a bit of lippy on will do!!!…However after stating the reasons below, the number of My Bride to Be’s that have a rethink and go ahead and book Me, restore my faith in common sense. After all this is the One Day, where All eyes will be on You and Your face all Day, you would only ever want to look your Best right??

Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider a Professional Bridal Make-Up Artist for your Wedding Day

•    You are unsure what colours to use and how best to apply make-up for your photographs and any filming that may be done on the Day.

•    You want your Make-Up to look Flawless and to last all Day.

•    You would be too nervous on the morning of the Wedding to apply it yourself.

•    You want to be pampered on your Wedding Day. This is your Day and you want to look your absolute best.

•    You have spent so much money on your dress, shoes, jewellery, venue. Why not on the one thing that will be in every photo to remind you of your Day….your face?

•    You have little if any Make-Up and/or what you do have is past it’s best. Having a Professional Make-Up Artist will save you having to purchase All the products and make-up brushes needed for the Day, that You may not necessarily use after the Wedding Date.

If any of these apply to you, then it’s probably worth having a Professional Make-Up Artist….If You now think you need a Bridal Trial with a MUA book way in advance as the Best Make-Up Artists already have bookings Months if not a Year ahead of time (yep there are some super organised Brides out there thats for sure, they also know who they want doing their Hair & Make-Up and will do everything to guarantee they get their Dream Team)

Word of advice….check that your chosen Make-Up Artist is available for your Wedding Date Before having your Bridal Trial and get them to pencil your date in their Diaries untill Bridal trial has been done and you want to confirm and put down a deposit to secure your Wedding Day Make-Up Artist.

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